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The Cyclo d’Angkor Boutique Hotel aims to provide a taste of Cambodian history coupled with luxury accommodation and high quality personal service.

In Cambodia, Cycle rickshaws are known as cyclo (pronounced see-clo). For more than 70 years the cyclo has been a feature of the Cambodian transport system – but they are now under threat from an increase in motorised transport. Introduced by French colonialists,
cyclo riders earn very little, and many use their vehicles as beds to save money.

They are used primarily for their novelty value, as an entertaining form of transportation for tourists and locals, but they also have environmental benefits and may be quicker than other forms of transport if traffic congestion is high. There are now only about 447 cyclo drivers left in the country, according to the Cyclo Conversation and Career Association. About half of them operate in Prey Veng province. The rest are mostly found in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. Twenty years ago, there were an estimated 5,000.

Prime Minister Hun Sen has asked the Ministry of Tourism to work on preserving the remaining cyclos to serve the tourism industry.